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There are many unforgettable places to see when traveling to Newport but one of the most fascinating experiences is touring the exquisite Gilded Age mansions in the area.

The Gilded Age was a period of time in our history when materialism and industrialism were of value and growing rapidly. During this time of unimaginable wealth, many incredible buildings were constructed, including the grand and opulent Newport mansions.

Here are three Newport mansions that you can’t miss when visiting the city.

The Breakers

This immaculate mansion is a center point for tourism in Newport. Established in the 1870s, this was the turning point that shows the sheer amount of wealth families had during the Gilded Age.
Cornelius Vanderbilt, known for the growing railroad industry, built this house right along the shore of the Atlantic Ocean to soak in the stunning coastal views right from his home. This 70-room structure is filled with elegant architecture and designs that you could never find in today’s day and age.
On a tour, you will be able to walk through the grand entrance guiding you to the Billiards Room, Dining Room, Morning Room, Music Room, and many more rooms throughout the house!

“The Breakers” is located only 9 minutes away from our Hammetts Hotel.

The Marble House

Another must-see mansion is “The Marble House”, another property owned by the Vanderbilts.

Built around the same era as “The Breakers”, this house, located on Bellevue Ave in Newport, RI, was inspired by classical, French style architecture. This was classified as another “quaint summer cottage” for the Vanderbilts. As you can see from the image above, the Vanderbilts did not hesitate to include elegant fireplaces in almost every room to go along with the beautiful stained glass in this elaborate dining area.

“The Marble House” is only an 8-minute drive from the Hammetts Hotel!

The Elms Mansion

Last but not least, we have “The Elms” house, which was founded by Mr. Edwards Julius Berwind who grew his wealth from the coal industry. This house also resembles some French-style architecture and design which you can see from the moldings in the rooms as well as the paintings. During a tour, you will also be able to walk around the gardens which have recently been restored.

During this tour, you will be amazed to see the spectacular way Mr. Berwind brought architecture, art, and landscape together to form this beautiful, spacious, and luxurious mansion.

“The Elms” mansion is only a 5-minute drive from our Hammetts Hotel.

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