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Did you know yellow is widely known as the happiest color in the world? It makes sense: think of smiley faces, the sun, rubber duckies, and our favorite flowers, daffodils. So naturally, Newport’s Daffodil Days, one of the best times of year in Rhode Island, is bound to be as joyful as the color itself! Join us in exploring why you should add a visit to Newport to your calendar this April.

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Why are There Daffodils in Newport?

You don’t have to be a flower connoisseur to know that daffodils are a popular spring-blooming flower known for their bright yellow color and symbolism of renewal and the arrival of spring. In the case of Newport’s Daffodil Days, local residents, garden enthusiasts, and community organizations initiated the planting of daffodils in public spaces to enhance the beauty of the area and create a festive atmosphere during the spring season. Not only do planting daffodils in parks, gardens, and along streets contribute to the beauty of the community, the vibrant yellow blooms bring a sense of joy and optimism after the winter months.

What is the History of Daffodil Days?

Daffodil Days in Newport, Rhode Island brings communities together to celebrate the thaw into spring, promote local businesses, and create a positive and festive atmosphere. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy the sights around Newport adorned with the cheerful yellow daffodils. This year is Newport Daffodil Days’ 13th year of encouraging businesses and residents to get outside, meet their neighbors, and beautify their homes through the planting and display of flowers. Newport’s Daffodil Days celebrates the arrival of over 1,200,000 bright yellow daffodils throughout the area, with decorated store windows heralding their arrival. Residents embrace the tradition as a way to celebrate the changing seasons and promote a sense of unity and pride throughout the city.

When are Newport Daffodil Days 2024?

April 6, 2024 – April 28, 2024

What kind of events are there at the Newport Daffodil Days?

When it comes to Daffodil Days events, there truly is something for everyone. Though activities vary from year to year and the official 2024 schedule hasn’t been released yet, we expect that everything from daffodil garden tours, where visitors can embark on guided or self-guided tours of public and private gardens featuring daffodil displays of different varieties throughout the city, to doggie parades, which always seem to be an adorable fan favorite, will be happening this year. In past years, other events have included “Rhode” races, a storefront window decorating contest, a bike rally, music concerts, and a “Driving Miss Daffodil” classic car parade. Local artists may be around showcasing their daffodil-themed art, crafts, and other handmade items, and photographers are sure to be competing for the picture that best captures the beauty of daffodils in various settings. As always, family-friendly activities, including games, face painting, and educational programs focused on nature and gardening, will likely be featured, so be sure to bring along the whole family.

Where to stay during Newport Daffodil Days

During this fun and historic weekend, stay at Hammetts Hotel, a Newport staple. With a welcoming atmosphere, views of the water, and a wharf full of elevated restaurants, Hammetts is the perfect place to call home during this joyous celebration. This April, welcome spring in style!


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