Everything You Need to Know About the Newport Cliff Walk

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Everything You Need to Know About the Newport Cliff Walk

Newport’s Cliff Walk balances the natural beauty of seaside New England with the glamor and architectural history of the Gilded Age. It’s quite aweing to look on one side and take in stunning views of the deep blue, then turn to the other side and see elaborate mansions with immaculately manicured lawns. It’s an experience not to be missed when visiting Newport. Contact Us Today!

The Cliff Walk Trail in Newport

Established in 1975, the Newport Cliff Walk sits on the eastern shore of Newport, RI, and runs 3.5 miles in length. In terms of the Newport Cliff Walk difficulty, two-thirds of the trail is in easy walking condition, though when you hit the southern half of the walk, you’ll find a more rugged shoreline with large boulders. During this part, the Newport Cliff Walk accessibility is limited and some may have a bit more of a challenge.

Though it depends on the weather, we generally suggest visitors embark on the walk in the earlier part of the day when it’s cooler and the sun is more forgiving. The walk is free and open to the public daily, from sunrise to sunset.

A coastal pathway in Newport, leading to a white gazebo, flanked by a black iron fence on one side and a green railing on the other, with calm water and clear skies in the background

Cliff Walk Parking

When it comes to Newport Cliff Walk parking, there is metered parking available on Memorial Boulevard and Narragansett Avenue for as little as $1.25/hour with a three-hour limit. Dogs are allowed, though they must be leashed and cleaned up after.

The Cliff Walk Views

As the walk is located right along the sea, it’s a given that you’ll see panoramic views of charming lighthouses and scattered islands. You’ll also find a lovely surprise if you pause to listen to the waves crashing upon the collection of stones and rocks below you. Here, the beauty of nature is present in its enchanting glory.

Near Ruggles Avenue, you’ll experience the essence of the Cliff Walk, as well as the most iconic sites like Salve Regina University, Ochre Court, and The Breakers. The architecture of these well-known locations is stunning and rich in history.

The Cliff Walk Experience

As you walk, imagine yourself as a player in the history of the Cliff Walk in Newport, RI. What is thought to have begun by the Narragansett Indians later turned into a path enjoyed by wealthy New Yorkers on their summer getaways. Millionaires built by the industrial revolution flocked to this scenic overlook to develop their great mansions. By 1800, the Cliff Walk was under serious construction in an effort to transform it into what it is today. Though disputes occurred over the land and improvements have been made to the walk, it remains an unaging piece of history for the public to experience.

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