Boutique Hotels Designed Just for You in Newport, RI

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Boutique Hotels Designed Just for You in Newport, RI

There is no lack of accommodations in Newport, RI. From large hotel chains to quaint B&B’s, there’s truly something for every taste and budget. But have you ever considered staying at one of the many boutique hotels in Newport?

These smaller accommodations are chock full of character and deliver on both upscale accommodations and personalized service. Read on to learn more about these one-of-a-kind hotels you can find in Newport that just might inspire your next getaway.

What Makes Boutique Hotels Special

Boutique hotels provide the best of both large hotel chains and smaller inns. Essentially, boutique hotels are characterized by their smaller size (more than 10 but under 100 rooms), highly personalized service, and, most importantly, local personality.

A cozy living room in a Newport RI hotel with a brown leather chesterfield sofa, a blue armchair, a small table with books, and a painting above a fireplace.

Boutique hotels in Newport cater to the individual needs of each guest while also reflecting the neighborhood and community around them. If you desire an intimate, personalized hotel experience that will help you get a feel for local life in Newport, a stay at one of the downtown boutique hotels may be right for you. Book Your Boutique Newport Stay Now!

What To Expect At a Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotels are very distinct, so you’re sure to have a unique experience at every one you stay at. Each property is often tailored to its local neighborhood, but there are some commonalities among all boutique hotels. When you stay at one of these types of accommodations, you can expect:

A hotel team with expert knowledge on local attractions, restaurants, and history ready to provide you with recommendations
High-end design elements and personal touches that reflect the region or community (i.e. artwork by local artists)
Food selections or restaurant recommendations inspired by authentic local cuisine, such as the best seafood if you’re staying by the coast
High-end accommodations, such as fitness centers, spas, and retail space depending on the size of the boutique hotel

When you stay at a boutique hotel in Newport, you should expect quality customer service as you get an authentic feel for one of the state’s busiest coastal cities.

Places to Stay in Newport, RI

Ready to plan your stay at one of Newport’s best boutique hotels? Hammetts Hotel is conveniently located in the city’s downtown waterfront. You can experience everything boutique hotels are known for while getting a taste for what life in Newport is all about.

Hammetts Hotel is home to 84 rooms all designed with the Newport feel in mind. Along with the rooms being styled and created with efficiency in mind, you will also find carefully curated work from artists with strong Newport ties gracing our suites and public spaces.

Exploring Newport


Four framed photographs displayed on a white wall in a Newport RI hotel, each capturing different couples in various poses, with a lighting track above and a shelf below holding a book.

As a boutique hotel, Hammetts also emphasizes a community connection. There’s plenty of common space for our guests and even locals to enjoy. Everyone, including businesses, is welcome to rent these spaces for everything from meetings to special occasions.

Don’t wait to plan your trip to this iconic coastal city. Hammetts Hotel is currently offering ways for our guests to save on their next experience.

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