Hammetts Hotel is built to be a part of the fabric of Newport. It sits on a historic wharf, where life at the center of the city has pulsed for centuries. It is our mission to ensure that Hammetts is a destination not only for Newport visitors, but for its inhabitants, and is a force for good in the community.

We will express this commitment to community in many ways:

  • Seasonal availability of meeting rooms and spaces for community events
  • Engaged leadership team involved in the Newport community
  • Expansion of local employment opportunities
  • Our seasonal art gallery in the heart of the hotel, will feature local and regional artists who are part of the deeply rooted local artistic scene
  • Opening gallery receptions will bring the artist and the community together


Courtesy of Rob Migliaccio

Art is an essential part of what Hammetts is all about. It’s also an essential part of our ongoing partnership with the local community. Working with Kristen Coates, a Newport artist and gallerist, guest rooms and public spaces have been carefully curated with work by local artists who have strong ties to the community and surrounding area. While their work often reflects different styles and sensibilities, each piece celebrates the true spirit of Newport. They showcase the beauty and grit of life by the sea, visually capturing the lesser-known stories of the people and places that have, and continue to, shape Newport. In addition to our unparalleled collection of local photography, these permanent displays also feature a variety of bold watercolors in the lobby, as well as a commissioned portrait of Lorraine Kane that hangs in the “Rain’s Room”. Here’s a quick look at the artists whose work plays such a vital role in the Hammetts experience.


Jamestown, Rhode Island

Known primarily for her storytelling through lifestyle photography, Maaike Bernstrom captures both the casual elegance and the grit of coastal living in her work Using mostly natural light, her carefree and easy style celebrates relationships and beauty, fresh air and nature, love and life.


Jamestown, Rhode Island

Alma is a photographer and archivist with a trained eye for images that tell a unique story. Her displayed collection was actually gifted to her. She has archived and collected historical details about each image. 

Courtesy of Alma Davenport


Saundertown, Rhode Island & Bovina, New York

Christian Harder is a fine artist as much as he is a commercial editorial photographer and his work shows the beautiful blending of these two aspects to create visual storytelling in a very contemporary way.

Providence, Rhode Island

Rob Migliaccio has a knack for capturing the action of yachting and other sporting events. Taking a fine art approach to his subjects produces images that could be used in room as part of the larger collection of work.

ONNE van der WAL
Jamestown, Rhode Island

Internationally celebrated photographer Onne van der Wal is widely known for his yacht and yacht racing photography. His eye for detail in the surrounding boating world makes for stunning imagery that can be found throughout our hotel.

Wickford, Rhode Island

Wick, as his website Intentionally Wick suggests, takes photographs with an intention to capture a moment that is truly meaningful to the viewer on a personal level. His focus on bold colors gives a unique perspective to the underlying story of Newport.